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Milk & Honey Baby

Milk & Honey Baby Bottle

Milk & Honey Baby Bottle

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Bottles come standard with a medium flow nipple
👩‍🍼 🧑‍🍼 Built for Busy Moms and Dads Everywhere
💧 Add Water and Formula to the bottle and push down when your little one is ready to feed.
Ready in Seconds
👶🏻 Ages 0-3
🤗Anti-Colic Nipple 
📃 1 Bottle 5 Different Configurations 
🏋️ Lightweight (253 Grams)
🧼  Dishwasher Safe!
🚛 Discounted shipping rates 
🙅‍♂️Do not add honey to formula. Talk to your pediatrician for more details.

We understand that parenthood can be hectic and we are here to help. Our Milk and Honey Bottles are perfect for Night feeding, on the go and have multiple configurations to ensure your little one is perfectly cared for. 

The quality of our bottles is unmatched and we cant wait for you and your family to enjoy our Milk and Honey line of products.


Directions For Use:

  1. Remove the nipple and add formula to the reservoir.
  2. Add the correct amount of warm water to the main bottle. 
  3. Push down on the release button and shake the bottle. 
  4. Time to feed the baby!

 *Formula not included in purchase. Please do not add honey or any other substances to the formula without first consulting your pediatrician.

Warning: Bottles are to be used under the supervision of an adult. Please read all instructions before use. 

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