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Milk & Honey Baby

Baby Blue Thermostatic Warming Sleeve

Baby Blue Thermostatic Warming Sleeve

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Baby Blue Milk & Honey Thermostatic Warming Sleeve
🌡 Thermostatic Heating Sleeve warms your bottle to the perfect temperature.
☑️Thermostatic heating sleeve works for many other bottles.
🚦 LCD Display
🔌USB Power cord
🚛 Discounted shipping rates 
🙅‍♂️Do not add honey to formula. Talk to your pediatrician for more details.

We understand that parenthood can be hectic and we are here to help. Our Milk and Honey Thermostatic Bottle Warmers are perfect for Night feeding, on the go and fit multiple bottle types to ensure your little one is perfectly cared for. 

The quality of our Thermostatic Warming Sleeves is unmatched and we cant wait for you and your family to enjoy our Milk and Honey line of products.


Directions For Use:

  1. Attach the Velcro parts of the sleeve to form the cylinder 
  2. Insert bottle filled with liquid
  3. Plug the USB cord into a power source(Follow instructions for proper V/Amps)
  4. Once the light is illuminated in Green your bottle is at the perfect temp
  5. remove and feed 

 *Bottle not included in purchase. If you would like a Warmer and Bottle combo please return to the shop and select a combination product. Please do not add honey or any other substances to the formula without first consulting your pediatrician.

Warning: Thermostatic Warming Sleeves are to be used under the supervision of an adult. Please read all instructions before use. Do not submerge Thermostatic Warming Sleeve in any fluid.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Debbie Rassmussen
Keeps the bottle at temp!

Ive used other warmers in the past but they are either too hot or dont heat well. These ones regulate the temperature to keep it at the right degree the whole time.

My only advise is to use hot water and plug it in and it will either cool down to the right temp or keep it at the right temp.


Great product for travel and night feeds