Q: Can Babies have Honey

A: No babies cannot have honey. Please consult your pediatrician for more information.


Q: Is it sturdy enough to go in a diaper bag?

A: Yes, Milk & Honey Baby Bottles are designed for busy parents on the go with durability and function in mind. 

Q: Are Milk & Honey Baby Bottles dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, however we recommend washing by hand.


Q: What is the round part with small holes at the top of the bottle. 

A: This part is used to filter out any formula clumps and bubbles before moving to the nipple of the bottle.


Q: How many ounces of milk does each bottle hold?

A: A little over 8 oz or 240 ml


Q: Do you offer replacement parts if something is lost or broken?

A: At this time we do not but stay tuned as we plan to in the future. In addition our bottles work in several configurations.


Q: Does the bottle warmer have to be plugged in to use it?

A: Yes, please follow the user manual for all Milk & Honey Thermostatic Bottle Warmer Instructions. Please also unplug the warmer when the bottle is not in use. Never warm a bottle that does not contain fluid in it.

Q: How do I know when my bottle is warm enough?

A: The display on the bottle will be illuminated in green when the bottle is ready. For any additional details please refer to the user manual.

Q: Can any USB cord and port work for the Thermostatic Warming Sleeve?

A: No, we use a special USB Cord that is included in your order.

Q: Does the warmer work with other bottles?

A: Yes, the Milk & Honey Thermostatic Bottle Warmer does work with a variety of other bottles. 

Q: How long does it take the warmer to warm up a new bottle?

A: It depends on how hot/cold the water is in the bottle when put into the warmer. We recommend filling the bottle with warm water to start as it will reduce your warming time. 


Q: How long in advance can I pack the bottle before use?

A: Always follow the guidelines provided by your formula brand.  Generally, it is recommended using formula within 30 days of opening a container of formula.  So a Milk And Honey bottle can be loaded several weeks before using it for most formula brands.  

Q: How many times can the bottle be used before washing?

A: Bottles should be cleaned after every feeding. If your baby does not finish drinking a bottle within 2 hours, dispose of the unfinished formula.